A great philosopher said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” With that wisdom in mind, here are the newest HR trends in the US for 2015:

Social Networking

For recruiting, for outsourcing, for interacting, in 2015 social networking will be more essential than ever. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the giants, of course, and a small business should not overlook other social media, such as YouTube or Reddit.

Hiring Challenges

In 2015, attracting and retaining younger employees aged 18 to 25 will be challenging. They tend to demand flexibility, transparency, benefits, and training. In spite of their youth, today’s college grads and even non-grads are sophisticated about their market value and unwilling to settle for less than what they feel they deserve.

The Global Village

As communication guru Marshall McLuhan foretold half a century ago, our world has become a “global village.” With a strong demand for workers in fields such as high-tech, employers will look for and find substantial talent outside American borders, including through outsourcing.


A recent study shows 50% of companies are doing video-based interviews. Video is also valued for recruiting, employee training, recording questionnaire responses, etc. Video makes a company attractive to young, hip, skilled employees. Without it, a small business may look old-fashioned and stodgy.


Mobile recruiting explodes in 2015 as job seekers access employment info via cell phones. Smart companies must be smartphone-friendly. A mobile-capable HR website is vital. And mobile apps appealing to busy applicants can provide a competitive advantage.


Small businesses are hiring college and high-school students as interns—not just as cheap labor, but to screen potential full-time, long-term workers. A study by Millennial Branding found 50% of employers surveyed are hiring or planning to hire interns. This number will increase in 2015.


A recent Forbes report affirms that in 2015, Millennials (members of the generation born between 1980 and 2000, aka Generation Y) will dominate the American workforce. Millennials tend to be driven, tech savvy, and skilled multitaskers, so companies will work hard to retain these valuable resources.



Here’s a great TED Talk about the evolving workplace: