Alexis Redman HR Intern

Meet Alexis: Learning Organizational Behavior by Leading a Virtual Team in our Virtual Internship Program.
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As a junior at Boston University’s School of Management concentrating in Organizational
Behavior with a minor in Anthropology, I was attracted to the Jumpstart:HR Virtual Internship Program
for the opportunity to actively engage in the field of Human Resources through substantial projects in a
virtual location. Recently, I was asked to lead a leadership series project. A relatively new concept, the
RISE leadership model focuses on the areas of (R) Responsibility, (I) Information, (S) Strategy, and (E)
Execution in the context of leadership for young professionals. The project will consist of lectures and
case studies covering each of the associated concepts in the RISE model. Although the project is in its
beginning stages, the complied research has been fascinating.

As a young professional preparing to start a career in HR, I was excited and willing to accept the
challenges associated in creating a leadership series for young professionals. While a great opportunity,
creating a leadership series directed to young professionals as a young professional seemed daunting at
first. As an individual at the beginning of her career, I would typically be attending a seminar or taking
a class on the subject matter. However, during the past two weeks I have realized that having young
professionals create a leadership series for their peers has amazing advantages. It allows the series
content to be relatable and it grants those individuals creating the series to enhance their learning and
understanding of leadership.

In order to complete the series by May, I am working with two other Jumpstart:HR virtual interns. Although
I have worked on numerous teams, this is my first experience working on a virtual team and having
the opportunity of being the youngest person leading the team. While working virtually can have its
challenges due to timing and communication, I am learning to be a better communicator and delegator.
The ability to lead a virtual team has challenged and enhanced my leadership abilities.

While the topics of responsibility, information, strategy, and execution seem relatively straight forward,
applying them to leadership has expanded my perspective of these concepts. As the team divulges into
each concept, we begin to learn more about how each concept can aid in better leadership skills and
qualities. I am looking forward to seeing the project come to fruition and infiltrating the concepts of RISE
into my own leadership style.


Joey’s Note: Alexis has been a great addition to our VIP team and I know she will go on to do great things in her HR career. In fact, her next step is a position in the Big Apple! Currently, Alexis is currently seeking a paid HR/OB internship in New York City for the Summer semester. Contact her on LinkedIn or Twitter  if you know of an opportunity or share her profile with your network. Keep up the great work, Alexis!