Who remembers what it was like to go trick-or-treating in the neighborhood and getting a mixed bag of candy? When I say mixed bag, I’m referring to the highs and lows of going through things after you’ve dumped them all on the floor and found out you had everything from Snickers, Reese’s and Starbursts to Apples, Licorice and a pack of pencils. Sure, apples are healthy, licorice can have health benefits and pencils are useful (although in this digital age, their utility is less and less) but Trick or Treating on Halloween is supposed to be about fun and so much candy that you have a permanent sugar rush for a week!

Fast forward to adulthood and what it feels like to be “sold” one job and actually working another. How it feels to work with a manager who seems interested in your success at first but then turns into the worst micromanaging son of a gun that ever lived. And how it feels to get let go without any kind of prior warning or notice. These are just some of the ways we can be tricked as employees. What we thought was a great opportunity can leave us tricked and confused.

Tricking employees on any day other than halloween can be bad for employee morale, employee engagement and office culture. Below are some of the five things that companies do to ruin what could be an otherwise positive employee experience:


The Top 5 Mistakes Employers Make to Trick Employees:


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