There are sixty percent more errors made by disengaged employees than not. Also, sixty-seven percent of employees are not active in the workplace. While these statistics are astounding, they are not surprising. As the United States is slowly reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees have found the benefits of working remotely and living digitally. As an HR executive, you are probably eager to get back to the way things once were. We suggest, slow your roll. Employees are frustrated that companies are not willing to budge and adopt new technological practices. They also are frustrated that their benefits packages do not mirror what they need. Data shows that younger millennials and Generation Z value workplace flexibility and benefits such as student loan assistance. Jumpstart:HR CEO, Joey Price sat down with Unum and Lars Schmidt to discuss how the small business benefits landscape is changing. 

Three key takeaways from the podcast episode:

  • Employees are looking for more progressive places to work at. 
  • Companies should strive to be “digital by default” and adopt technology as it is easier for employees to do their job to the highest level. 
  • When thinking about creating benefits packages for your employees, make sure to talk to your team and see what they value. 

Enjoyed the podcast episode? Download Unem’s Digital Benefits Blueprint PDF and let us know what your key takeaway was!

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