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I’d like to thank everyone who has gone out and purchased or at least helped to promote the book. Such a high showing for a book in it’s first few weeks of release shows that there are people that truly care about helping individuals find jobs and getting America back to work!

Never Miss the Mark is a book that shares some valuable insight not just from myself, but other HR pros as well. The book is unique because it’s almost like having the chance to sit in a moderated panel discussion with HR professionals who share who their personal experience on how job seekers tend to miss the mark in their resume, interview and networking efforts. More importantly, the book talks about ways to fix those things – both from my point of view but from these same HR pros as well.

It has always been my goal for this book to help someone find employment and I was surprised and humbled to see this review on one the Amazon Kindle review page:

 “I purchased this book for my kindle in the midst of my job-hunting slump. I recently had to try and maneuver through the aches and pains of job interviews and they didn’t seem to be going well, and I knew for a fact that none of them went great because I hadn’t yet been awarded a job. All I needed was one simple part-time job. The interviews continued and I was continually never called back, which made my confidence levels lower drastically as time went on. I searched around online for something that would help improve my abilities in an interview and managed to find “Never Miss The Mark: Career Search Strategies Provided by HR Pros”. I started reading it right after purchasing and immediately knew that I had found my solution.

Joey V. Price not only understands what it’s like to be an interviewee, but also the outlook and perspective of the recruiter as well. Every aspect I could imagine having concerns about is clearly explained and described in great detail. It made me understand what is important to interviewers and what will make the biggest difference in trying to stand out from the herds of other applicants. Recruiting is definitely a stressful ordeal, but Mr.Price clearly demonstrates what the big bad recruiters are really looking for when it comes down to picking the best candidate.

It wasn’t so much about teaching me how to play on the interviewer’s heartstrings as much as it was about helping me configure what my strengths were and how I could express and use them in a quick and concise fashion within the next interviewing process.

The next interview I went to I used these newly established methods.
I was called and offered the job the next day.”


Reviews and comments like this just help remind me why I decided to go into HR and Career consulting. I hope this book helps create many more stories like this one.


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