As technology replacing traditional ways of doing things in the workplace, human resource managers cannot afford to ignore it when recruiting. While there are innumerable approaches and tools out there, we highlight the top four ways of using technology for efficient hiring

1. Use Technology to Build Relationships

Narrow down the list of applicants to a handful and then visit their social media platforms. As you investigate their interactions, seek to build relationships with them. The new trend is about treating prospective employees just as you would treat customers.

Interact with them as they click on the job ad, when filling the actual application and after submission. Cultivating a relationship in advance creates a likeable factor for your company among prospective employees. They will work within a friendly atmosphere when you finally hire them.

2. Tailor Job Searches

Use one of the leading algorithms to intuitively know what ads your desired candidates are looking for. Just as you would personalize an online marketing campaign, you will close in on targeted audiences with extensive backgrounds like a master in MBA or a degree in a useful major that provides added experience.  

You also save the job seeker time and resources when you make it easier for them to see relevant ads. The more convenient it is for people to find your job ad, the more applications you will receive. With a large pool of prospective employees to choose from, you can find a suitable appointee better. 

3. Incorporate Video to Job Ads

Content with short videos gets across to more audiences than that without. Just as high quality video is essential to marketing your products to the right customers, it is crucial to getting the right candidates.

Let job seekers understand your company culture, environment, mood and lifestyle from the onset. Examples of such effective video ideas are a virtual tour of your company and interactive video options.

4. Use Technology for Internal Mobility and Referral 

These are perhaps the leading sources of candidates for hire. Use an intuitive online tool that allows your employees to refer their friends and former schoolmates. As existing employees share their experiences working at your company, they act as your ambassadors.

Allow previous applicants to post experiences too. Even if they failed at a past interview, their honest opinion can help boost the number of clicks on the job ads. Some employers have expressed skepticism, but the use of this trend promises to swell.

That more people are looking for jobs than ever before is a fact. It is also true that there is hiring confidence across different industries. Make the most use of these trends to land at the most qualified candidates. 

About Meghan Belnap:

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