www.jumpstart-hr.comEffective metrics are the key to achieving tangible results;
with a multitude of potential metrics to measure it’s easy to
get lost in the data. Aligning your metrics to showcase results
applicable to your organization’s business goals is crucial.

This presentation will take you through the various measurement
options you have available as an HR professional, show you
the benefits and drawbacks of each and guide you through
determining what best suits your organization and
budgetary needs.

What You Will Learn:
• How to determine which metrics is the best for your organization
• How to prioritize your metrics to those pertinent to your
organizations business strategy
• How to discover causations and correlations
amongst metrics
• Understand the tools used throughout the industry
• Map out the specific tools needed that align with your
organization’s business goals
• Build your own toolbox specific to your business needs

How You Will Benefit:
• Gain practical experience in utilizing only the most imperative
metrics that are linked to a companies success
• Turn your organization’s weaknesses into strengths by
obtaining a deeper understanding of the metrics that fit
your company
• Save time and money by only utilizing the metrics that are
critical to your business’ success