We’re starting a new segment on the blog called “My Motivation Story” where emerging leaders in their space share their story about finding their way. I hope you like our first guest post by my good friend, Chris Fields.


Don’t be scared! Owning a business can be the best thing you’ll ever do. I’m an HR Consultant and former disengaged employee who took a laptop and created a business. I write HR content for various websites, I’m the curator of 2 websites (CostofWork.com and The ResumeCrusade.com) and I am an Expert Resume Writer. When I earned my Master’s Degree in Labor and Human Resources from Ohio State University – yes, THE Ohio State University, I thought I was going to join a company, sweat it out 2 or 3 years on the frontlines and then move into upper management.  Well that didn’t happen! I graduated in 2005 when the REAL recession was underway and outsourcing was all the rage. I relocated back to my hometown of Memphis, TN, thinking I’d have my pick of jobs. Well, that didn’t happen either.

Like so many others, I took a job doing something I didn’t love – for people I didn’t care for – I was miserable. In 2011, they had layoffs and I happily took advantage! But there were a couple of problems; I still had no network and no opportunities. I decided to take up blogging. I figured I could at least share content and keep my HR skills sharp and maybe even find a job. The more I learned about Social Media, the more I was interested in using it to my advantage. I decided that I would not take another job doing anything that I didn’t like 100%. Here is a great line from the movie “the Social Network”, about Facebook that I use for inspiration all the time, “The only thing better than getting a job, is creating a job.” Let that soak in.

If you are like me than you have accomplished a lot in your life. You have gone to school, earned a degree or two, you have skills, you are smart and you are tough… so why let someone else tell you what you can and cannot do?  It doesn’t matter what someone else thinks of your resume, if you have a great idea, skill or talent and you want to put it to work for yourself, then do it! Nothing is stopping you except for you.

Quick, think of something that you like doing! Now consider this, there is someone doing THAT very thing for money and getting paid well. If you like to watch movies, there are critics; if you like to eat, there are foodies; if you like to shop, there are professional shoppers. I challenge you to think of one thing that you want to do that no one is doing for a living – I’ll wait! (in the meantime) You have to be confident that you can do it better than anyone else. I’m not the only blogger, resume writer and HR content writer out here.

You can’t be afraid of competition. There will always be competition; it’s good for you, keeps you sharp and hungry. Don’t let the opinions of others deter you. There will always be haters, doubters and naysayers.  You need them to push you further. Don’t let the “golden handcuffs” of corporate benefits keep you in misery. There’s universal healthcare now, which may be cheaper than your current premiums. Don’t let self-doubt stop you. There will be peaks and valleys but just know everything happens for reason and if you keep working hard you will make it. And don’t let the fear of something new make you complacent. The journey is a lesson and if you embrace it, you will learn just how really smart, resilient, resourceful and strong you are.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this. My grandmother who never made it to high school was a food caterer in 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, she told me, “Son, you work harder for yourself than you do for anyone else.” She was right, now let that soak in.


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