[Baltimore, Maryland]: Jumpstart:HR today announces a new partnership with the National HBCU Speech and Debate Association. The goal of this partnership is to partner HBCU Debate students with mentors and jobs in HR.  

“Hiring Managers across the country know that some of the most in-demand skills at work are critical thinking and communication. Students who participate in the Association dedicate themselves to rigorously developing these skills and deserve opportunity and exposure at the professional level,” says Joey Price, CEO at Jumpstart:HR, LLC. 

“The students who graduate from a speech and debate background actually have power…power is the ability to influence, motivate and inspire. These students have that ability because they have been honing that ability and learning that ability. They can utilize all of those skills so when they create a vision, people can buy into that vision.” says Dr. Christopher “Coach” Medina, Executive Director of the National HBCU Debate Association. 

The 2021 National Speech and Debate Championship will be happening virtually on Saturday, February 27 and Sunday, February 28. Joey Price will be addressing the participants during the awards ceremony.

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Connecting HBCU debate students to mentorship and job opportunities within the HR space
  • Bringing awareness to the HR and DEI community about the competition
  • Creating future job/internship opportunities for competition participant

About Jumpstart:HR: Jumpstart:HR is a strategic and reliable HR consulting company that helps small businesses in project leadership such as scrum mastery, project development, and people management.

About The National HBCU Speech and Debate Association: The National HBCU Speech and Debate Association is dedicated to developing and fostering significant educational opportunities and benefits for HBCU students.