Many thanks to my good friend and colleague Mark Babbitt (@YouTernMark) of YouTern for writing this article about Personal Branding on and using me as an example! I’m very humbled and grateful! Thanks, Mark!


Here is an excerpt:

“Joey Price demonstrated a charismatic, unique, remarkable brand that night; just as he does–I and many others have now learned–every time he posts on LinkedIn, joins a Twitter chat or enters a room. Most important: Joey is an example of what personal branding should be: personal.

Take a look at your personal branding efforts:

  • Are you too comfortable being “safe”?
  • What is your distinct value proposition?
  • Online or off… what makes you memorable?

Find sincere answers to these questions… and then choose to be uniquely, remarkably… personal.”


Read more about the importance of personal branding and learn more about Mark’s company YouTern.