Summer Fridays

The implementation of ‘Summer Fridays’ has become increasingly popular over recent years. The practice sees companies allowing employees to finish work early on a Friday, either after lunch or around 3pm in order for them to make the most of the weekend. As not all businesses are in a position to let their employees lose up to 4 hours of work a week, many allow them to make up the time over the course of the week, whether before or after work, or during their lunch break. This practice can have a great impact on your employees work-life balance and can also see a boost in morale.

Team Events

The summer can be a perfect time for inexpensive outdoor company outings or events. Pot-luck picnic lunches, barbecues or sports days can be great ways to bring your team together for some light-hearted fun without breaking the bank.

Encourage holidays

Encourage your employees to take their annual leave. We could all do with a well-earned break now and again, and what better time to take a few days than when the days are at their longest. Taking some leave can have a significant impact on an employee’s productivity when they return to work, with the break allowing them to come back refreshed and rested having enjoyed some down time.

Summer treats

Sometimes it can be the simplest things that make all the difference. Providing your team with ice cream or ice lollies on particularly hot days can help to bring the sunshine everybody is experiencing outside into the office.

Create a sports team

The summer months are a great time for outdoor activities, so why not create your own company sports teams and join a local corporate league. Football teams or running groups can be found almost anywhere and can be a good way for employees to bond, not to mention the health benefits of keeping active.

Plan ahead

It’s vital to keep on top of who will be absent and when, and what impact this may have on deadlines. Spending time planning for employee vacations will ensure that key players taking annual leave won’t stall progress.

All in all, the summer is a great time to boost morale, often at very little cost, and can give employees the opportunity to take a break, unwind and return to work feeling rejuvenated. While shorter working hours or employees taking annual leave can seem like a daunting possibility, after all the work doesn’t stop just because the sun’s out, some careful planning will help to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly and can even be an opportunity to set some new short-term goals.

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