Can we all agree that 2020 was one for the books? Not only did organizations have to pivot systems at a moment’s notice, but we had to address issues from the COVID-19 pandemic to racial reckoning. As companies were being called out left and right for their lack of inauthenticity in their responses, we realized that companies are now being held to a standard of practicing what they preach publicly and privately. It is a known fact that customers, employees, and shareholders crave AUTHENTICITY.  At Jumpstart:HR, we understand how difficult addressing uncomfortable topics can be. We have experts that are known to help facilitate uncomfortable conversations in the workplace. We want to see your workplace culture thrive and be an open space. Hear more about how HR and organizational leaders can have uncomfortable conversations in a healthily from our CEO, Joey Price on the Employee Cycle Podcast. 

Here are there keys to difficult conversations at work:

  • Do not just relegate difficult conversations to a social media post, make sure that your systems and company culture reflect what you say you stand for.
  • Make sure you evaluate, understand, and empathize the issue. If you are unable to do any of those, bring in a consulting or advising expert to lead the discussions. 
  • Build trust in your organization to ensure that conversations happen and employees are comfortable participating in the uncomfortable conversations. 

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