Congrats Urvashi!

Another Success Story from one of our Virtual Interns. Congrats Urvashi!


At Jumpstart:HR we’re all about sharing great news! Especially when it’s a success story about one of our interns going on to full time employment after successful completion of our Virtual Internship Program:


“My experience at Jumpstart:HR has been amazing.

To begin with, most employers and headhunters ask for “experience” even for entry/junior level HR jobs. Where does one go for acquiring that experience just to be able to begin a job hunt process ? This is a question, I had been straddled with before I found this opportunity with Jumpstart as a HR Policy Intern.

Even though the internship is virtual, Joey has a structured program in place for keeping interns engaged. Through this internship, I developed working knowledge on various HR topics. Joey posted presentations created by me on various HR and social media forums, something I would have never thought of own my own.

This internship helped me create a professional portfolio of HR research papers and presentations. It gave me  much needed confidence to accelerate my job search and several talking points for interviews.

I had a series of presentations to showcase my work  and market myself as a serious candidate with HR knowledge and experience.

This internship was definitely one of the best investments of time that I have made in my professional life!



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Congratulations Urvashi! I’m proud to have had the opportunity for you to join our team and I wish you much success in the future 🙂


– Joey