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It’s finally Friday – the weekend is almost here. You’ve rehearsed some conversation starters, practiced your “smile” in the mirror and even got your best outfit from the cleaners the night before so you can make a great first impression…

Sounds like it’s almost time for your first… job interview.

Similar to a first date, your first job interview (and the job search process) can be a little like the a first date (and the dating process).  So who better to sit down with and have a conversation about the similarities (and differences) of the two than the bestselling author of BEREOLAESQUE: The Contemporary Gentleman & Etiquette book for the Urban Sophisticate – Bereola.

Sit down, relax and enjoy the conversation:

Joey V. Price:  What are the biggest similarities. (and differences) between the dating process and the job search process?

Bereola: I hate to compare dating to employment seeking, but there are a few similarities. Dating is an elimination process leading you to the best person – A job search is an elimination process leading you to the best job. In dating, people lie on their applications – In a job search people often lie on their applications. In dating, once you get the girl you have to work to keep her or you will be fired – In a job search, once you get the job you have to put in the necessary work to keep it or you will be fired. The major difference in dating and a job search is timing. You get to know someone organically while dating. There is a courting process involved prior to making the major decision to commit. In a job search, emails are exchanged, phone calls are made, an interview (or 3) is set up and you’re in there. Contract signed and commitment is made.

JVP:  Everyone knows that a great first date shouldn’t come off as a an interview but are there skills that transfer the other way around? What tips would you give to “woo” your potential employer in an interview and have them thinking about you as the top candidate on their list?
B: I wouldn’t apply to a job without the confidence in my ability knowing that I’m the best fit for the position. With that being said, I’d “woo” with my ability. The proof is in the pudding. Charisma lasts but so long … eventually you’ll have to walk the walk you talk. Every interview I’ve had pre-college landed me the job. But I am quite charismatic. At the age of 16 I was the only high school intern at Hewlett Packard in the country. I “wooed” with charisma, manners and etiquette. Those attributes are rare in corporate America.

JVP: What is the worst job interview that you’ve ever been on and what made it so awful?
B: It was in college. We were at dinner. I felt that because I was younger and perhaps more inexperienced than other candidates, I was hounded with unnecessary and sarcastic questions that aimed to belittle me and had little to do with the position. I felt like I had to bow down or pull a magic trick to prove myself worthy. You might call it a date, I call it a terrible job interview because that’s what it felt like. I’m a gentleman … I paid the bill.

JVP:  You recently wrote a book for gentlemen everywhere and I must say, it was quite a great read. Does it pay to be a gentleman (or lady) when applying for a job? How can your book help someone obtain these key skills?
B: Absolutely. It’s the reason I landed every job I interviewed for. It completely sets you apart because it’s such a gorgeous rarity. My book has entire sections dedicated to what to do when applying, how to behave, what to say and what to expect. My life is proof that being a gentleman works.

JVP: Last question so you know I had to make it a good one…. for the introverts who may be reading the blog, what tips can you share on how to be confident enough to get the job (and the girl/guy?)

B: Get the book!


About Bereola:

Bereola is the go-to style and etiquette impresario, public speaker and entrepreneur. He is also the bestselling author of BEREOLAESQUE: The Contemporary Gentleman & Etiquette book for the Urban Sophisticate. He is working on his follow-up, book, GENTLEWOMAN: Etiquette for a Lady from a Gentleman. Check his website and @bereolaesque on Twitter as well as his Facebook fan page.