Nowadays, our payment systems need backups because technologies are failing every day. Therefore, for essential business activities, you need to back up the systems. If you are not prepared for this unfortunate eventuality, the impact will be very disastrous and catastrophic on your business. As an e-commerce service provider, you cannot generate incomes when your systems are down.  

  1.    Simplify your accounts payable process

There are many reasons you need to simplify your accounts to make it easier for employees to be able to manage payment processes, especially if they are operating from remote offices. That means you need to streamline your payment processes so that few persons can process invoices and payment requests online than various people chasing after payments manually.

  1.    Use technology

Most businesses today are using technology to settle bills and make payments all over the world. This process has proven to be the easiest and best method of payment processing, as there are no rigours and errors with it. Some of the technologies you can use to enhance your payment processing are Microsoft wallet application, visa debuts developer platform, Omnypay, and you can use laser printed checks that could easily be updated on the system.

  1.    Reduce accounts payable fraud

The exchange of goods and services for cash payments could easily encourage and enhance fraud. You need to ensure proper scrutiny and checking of processes by unit heads to mitigate fraud.

  1.    Vendor terms may be negotiable

Always remember to negotiate the terms and conditions of your payment processes with your vendors. Make sure you call them whenever there is an issue with your payment processes. If you can buy large volumes on a regular basis, vendors can give you special discounts and considerations.

  1.    Reduce CFO impact to verification and signature

Arrange all your invoices and print the checks to determine the ones that will be paid before sending them to the CFO. He will ratify and verify the amount on the checks against the invoices before he approves them for payment. Streamlining your payment processes can save time and money more effectively.


Choosing a Gateway

As a business merchant, you need to select the gateways that will help you receive payments from your customers easily. Your payment gateway is secure and facilitates easy access to funds from customers. It helps you to request for payments from your clients who may be in remote locations. They can help you access a customer’s account through the credit card, withdraw money from there, and transfer it to your account. Most of the times, you need to open a merchant account that could receive credit card payments. There are some criteria to follow if you want to choose a payment gateway like modern or classic gateways, hosted or integrated gateways, pricing and the billing methods.

The portal helps you to ratify and verify each customer’s billing information whenever an order is made. It can also check the money for each customer’s billing method, gives your shop the right to issue a confirmation notice and approval, and ensures that you are paid. Some of the payment gateways are Braintree, pay lines data,, Stripe, PayPal, and Amazon Payments.


Braintree is a gateway with a flexible structure to suit your business ideal.  It works according to the way you want your payment process to be, and how you intend to incorporate your checkout experience. There is a clear and simple pricing for everyone, and it accepts cards like Apple Pay, Venmo Bitcoin, PayPal, Android Pay, and others.

Payline data

You will enjoy this gateway payment solution as it provides the best and most transparent pricing. It helps you get access to your customers and improves your business performance. On this payment platform, there is no registration fees, no cancellation fees, and no other hidden charges.

This gateway has been in operations since 1996 enabling small merchants to process online credit cards and checking payments easily. will help your business to grow, checkmate fraud, and secure your data online. You will enjoy affordable small business payment services with free website payment seal, free mobile applications, and free fraud tools.  


This is an alternative and backup for your payment processes. This platform could receive payments from all over the world especially, Ireland, America, United Kingdom, and Canada. It could process transactions from some of these major debit and credit cards like American Express, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, and others. As a developer, Stripe is basically, designed for your convenience as it uses some simple coding languages.  The process of using Stripe is easy, as you can install the API in your system to be receiving payments.


Do you have a PayPal account? PayPal is one of the best and oldest web-based payment providers that is mostly accepted by people everywhere. You have assured of stress-free, fast and convenient financial transactions on the web. However, PayPal has its challenges and limitations, as it does not work in many countries making it difficult to for you send or receive payments from such countries.     

Amazon payments

You will easily shop online and accept payments for your goods and services with Amazon payments. It helps to grow your business and offers you a unique online shopping experience.


In this era when our technological applications are failing, you need to devise proper ways and alternative means of reaching out to your customers 24 hours a day and to deal with your high risk payment gateway. You should not allow systematic failures to limit your business.

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