This week’s articles span social media how-to’s and what to say when an employee walks away. Also, check out our latest podcast on the value of summer internships (perfect for students and employers alike).

HAve summer internships lost their value-

Recruiting Meets Snapchat –

“The field of Recruiting, with it’s focus on talent attraction and branding, is usually an early adopter of new platforms. They want to gauge whether these new platforms can be integrated into their branding portfolio, and help them attract and engage talent in new ways. This reality is driving more recruiters to begin exploring Snapchat.” – Read More

10 Ways to Take Your Job Postings to the Next Level –

“The job posting always changes, just like a hiring manager’s must haves or candidate requirements for the job. However, the job posting is the single most important part of the hiring and recruitment process. It’s the foundation and yet we, including myself, don’t give it the time, attention or respect that it deserves.” – Read More

Aligning Learning and HR: An Interview with Jeff Carpenter of Caveo Learning #SHRM16 –

“Since HR and L & D are often in a continual struggle to “validate” themselves I think #SHRM16 attendees will find a great deal of value in this session. I know that I plan on attending. His session Aligning Learning, HR to Deliver Maximum Business Impact — is on Monday, June 20 at 2 p.m.” – Read More

What to Say and Do When Your Employee Has Another Job Offer –

“Don’t react to your employee’s news right away—no matter how frustrated or blindsided you might feel. Instead, solicit more information. Grote suggests you simply say, “Tell me more.” This will not only buy you time so you can “get your wits together” but will also give you the information you need to “gather the material facts about the offer.” ” – Read More

When There Are No Resources For Your “Human” Resources –

Still in the dark? Here’s an example.” – Read More


Book Recommendations Based on This Week’s Articles: