“If anyone knows of any opportunity, please let me know.”

Have you ever heard this statement? Or worse, have you ever said this?

I don’t understand why people say this or why they even broadcast it online. It is not like others are going to immediately take a piece of paper and write the person’s name just in case they discover an opportunity. Even worse is the fact that people do not even specify the type of position they are seeking. What is “any?” Is it a doctor, an attorney, a foreign affairs specialist, a nurse, a CEO, an interior designer, a writer, a teacher, an accountant?

Instead of saying, “If you know of any opportunity, please let me know,” you can say something like, “I am searching for a position as XYZ, since you work in this industry, if you discover a vacancy of this nature, would you please contact me?”

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When someone says, “If anyone knows of any opportunity, please let me know,” the first thought that pops up is, “Well, what’s wrong with this person? Why can’t this person go on the Internet and search for opportunities? Is this person not up to date with technology?” There are many online websites that present job vacancies, such as Indeed.com and CareerBuilder. There are also other strategies you can apply to discover opportunities that interest you.

How do I start searching for new opportunities?

First, you must identify the positions you would like invest your time working on. If possible, you can even select a few industries. The more you focus your target, the more you will avoid prolonging your job search process.

What if I am not actively searching for a job, but am still open to new opportunities?

Whether you are actively or passively searching for a job, you can and should stay informed of the current events that occur in your industry. You can do this by using Google Alerts.

Use Google Alerts to assist you in achieving your professional goals, so that it can help drive key information to you. You can start by setting regular alerts (e.g. daily or weekly) following the examples below.

  • Are you interested in companies that are growing? Set alerts for “growing companies+preferred location”
  • Are you interested in jobs in a specific location and industry? Set alerts for “job title+preferred location+preferred industry”
  • Another example: “corporate expansion+preferred location”

Staying informed on the current events that occur in your current or target industry will also present you as a knowledgeable and invested professional. If the CEO of XYZ company resigns and this change is posted on the media, you will probably receive a notification and discover a potential new opportunity, which is still hidden from the majority of your competition. This is what we call “the hidden job market” and it can be useful for people actively or passively searching for a new opportunity.

What do I do once I discover new opportunities?

Once you discover new opportunities, you can contact the key decision maker at your target companies. You can do this Da Vinci style! This blog will advise you on how this can be done.

What if they ask me to send them my resume and a letter?

You must be prepared for this moment. Whenever someone asks for your resume along with a letter, you should take the opportunity to provide them with compelling and competitive branding documents. This is how you should go about doing this.

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