Causes for Burnout

Nominally, the root cause of burnout is always work.  However, it is more complicated than just your career.  It is a combination of ones personality, lifestyle, and control.  Personality is the hardest factor to change.  People with high achieving traits and a need for control will always suffer burnout faster than others in the same field.  The lifestyle component relates to the balance between social and home life with a professional one.  If someone suffers from too much work and not enough rest or down time they have no way to escape the mounting stress decreasing their cooping abilities.

Work related causes are multi-faceted as well, revolving around control, expectations, recognition, and the atmosphere.  Does the employee have control over their work?  Are the expectations clear?  Does the recognition balance the effort or difficulty?  Does the atmosphere or environment open itself to calm work?  These are all factors that push someone over from dealing with stress to emptiness that characterizes burnout.


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