Coming up with a new business idea and launching a startup is one thing. Taking action steps to transform the idea and scale the business ladder is another. At least 40% of startups stagnate in the first five years and fail. Understand that setting up a stable foundation in a new enterprise stands between the next level success and fizzing out. What steps must you take to propel your startup?

Solid Foundation

Scaling a startup can become a gradual process that can be embraced to achieve milestones. As startups grow, they tend to progress through distinct development phases. Every phase has a unique set of hurdles that have to be overcome to get to the next level. That means that business owners must create a solid foundation first to get a clear view of where their business lies in the developmental spectrum as well as the weaknesses and the solutions to apply before stagnation sets in. Focusing on sustainability instead of speed is the key. Focus on hiring top notch employees who have high potential, construct careful plans and verify quality execution without fearing to invest in appropriate training.

Focus on the Creation of Value

A lot of startups concentrate too much on their balance sheets instead of trying to create a product or a service of value. Despite finances being critical for any startup, it is of more importance to work towards offering cutting-edge services or products. The philosophy behind that is very simple: High-quality products and services are directly proportional to the revitalization of your startup and increased sales. Successful and progressive businesses strive to be great leaders in their niche. For a fact, such businesses are highly functional, offer affordable services, and their brand is always top-class. Understand that such success is never out of luck. It is as a result of hard work and a well-strategized plan to create a particular culture. Consider what your clients are looking for by embracing in-depth research. With the right product and service together with consistency, you will not only make your customers happy but get your business to another level.

Be Creative

Critically assess the growth of your startup and consider the limits that would prevent growth. Business owners are always tempted to focus on outside influence that could prevent scaling such as competitors and trends. However, the first place to look into is internal factors. How is the internal communication and processes? Are employees motivated? Should you offer compensation if employees want to earn a master’s of project management online? The internal team is fully responsible for the solutions and business growth. Creativity is a sure fire way of revitalizing a startup. Many startups try to make design tweaks to a particular product or try to rebrand an old service. With the competition there is today, it is vital to be creative to ensure that your business is set apart from the rest. Ensure that the people you hire have the same vision as you do to drive the sales volume. Work towards appealing to consumers and expressing who you are and what you do.

With a deliberate, active and well-strategized focus on marketing, startups can accelerate growth and avoid stagnation. It is, therefore, vital to develop a plan that is executable and come up with strategies that will support the acquisition of the targeted market.

About Kara Masterson:

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.Find her on Facebook and Twitter.