One of the best ways to make sure that your employees are happy, healthy, engaged and motivated at work is to allow them to have a healthy work-life balance. This improves staff retention, increases productivity and helps everyone to work better together. Understanding that your employees have personal lives outside of their working day is a huge step in

Offer easy access to childcare

Although many small companies may not be able to provide a daycare or creche facility, there are different ways to offer your employees access to childcare. Childcare vouchers as part of the salary package are highly attractive to many parents, or those hoping to become parents in the future. The salary that comes with a job offer isn’t the only thing that people consider when deciding to accept or decline a job anymore, so consider this when offering a potential new employee a benefits package

Encourage communication

It can be difficult to discuss your private life at work, so it’s important to give your employees an opportunity to make their boss or supervisor aware of things that might have an impact in their work. Regular reviews and catch ups with your employees will offer an opportunity to find out about the things that are impacting their life. Trying to start a family can be emotionally draining, as can the pressures of adoption or choosing to foster a child. It’s important that your employees can bring these issues up without worrying about the outcome.

Encourage flexible working

Flexible working can take many forms, from reducing the number of hours worked, to working from home part of the time. Flexible working is also a legal right which all employers must respect. There are only a handful of reasons you can reject a flexible working request, and failing to handle it properly can land you in front of a dispute resolution solicitor.

Don’t give special treatment

As much as parents will appreciate that their employer is taking an active interest in their life, it’s important that there is no special treatment, only fair treatment. It’s a common complaint from childless employees that those with children are given more leeway. Although workers with children have very specific rights at work, it’s important not to upset everyone else by making this support too obvious.

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