This week, we’re joined by Tom Libelt, marketing expert and the founder of the Smart Brand Marketing Community. With a background in both sound engineering and marketing, Tom’s career journey is both inspirational and eventful. He made the shift to sales and gained valuable experience by working for companies like Hilti and Nestle. Tom continued to explore different fields and two music albums and one coffee place later, he started focusing on his marketing and SEO skills. After working with a Muay Thai champion and helping him produce and market his online course, Tom co-founded We Create Online Courses, a company that can create an online course using only 14 hours of their clients time. He is also a fellow podcaster, and he’s hosted several podcasts with The Smart Brand Marketing Podcast still going strong after 120 episodes!

Our topics include:

    The role elimination of unnecessary activities plays in achieving success.
    Why are marketing and sales the backbone of the economy?
    What makes Chiang Mai, Thailand so appealing to digital nomads?
    Being professional vs. being authentic.
    The formula behind making successful online video courses.

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