For this week’s episode, we went to Podcast Center LA, and our guest is none other than Joey Price! He is the founder and CEO of Jumpstart: HR, but you also know him as the creator and host of the Business, Life and Coffee Podcast. Yes, this week we’re turning the tables on Joey and our interviewer for the show is Greg Davenport, an up and coming graphic designer who is currently doing the Design a Day challenge.

Our topics include:

    What is the Design a Day challenge and how does it help graphic designers improve their skills?
    Three things to look out for when building a brand online.
    How do you build a team that will help you with your personal brand?
    Why and how should you identify the people to look up to in your line of work?

Connect with Greg:


What’s Next?

Learn skills that will make you the sharpest person in the Boardroom:


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