CEO named 40 under 40

CEO Joey Price won Baltimore Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40 Award for his innovative and creative approach to HR for small businesses.

Launch of Virtual Internship Program (VIP)

A company that focuses on virtual support should help develop future leaders who will also work and lead in virtual settings. We have the distinction of offering the first ever virtual internship opportunity to high school seniors and first year college students at the world-famous Harlem Children’s Zone. Our program was profiled in Businessweek.

Company founded

It was the perfect storm to create a company like ours. The recession hit businesses hard, but there was still a need for small business owners to produce results. Outsourcing and managed services were on the rise because of the value of diversifying workforces and hiring companies that specialize in key business areas. Jumpstart:HR helped small businesses and startups rebuild and our business grew as well!