Never Miss the Mark is #2 on the "What's Hot" list and #62 All-Time Best-Selling Career eBook on iTunes!

Never Miss the Mark is now the #2 “What’s Hot” Career book and #62 All-Time Best-Selling Career book on iTunes

Here’s picture proof!:

#2 on the "What's Hot" List (Right behind Seth Godin!)


#62 Best-selling Career book of all time on iTunes!


Here are some [very humbling] reviews:

“the most helpful book i’ve ever read digitally [Five stars]
by J. C. Cathey

I purchased this book in the midst of my job-hunting slump. I recently had to try and maneuver through the aches and pains of job interviews and they didn’t seem to be going well, and I knew for a fact that none of them went great because I hadn’t yet been awarded a job. All I needed was one simple part-time job. The interviews continued and I was continually never called back, which made my confidence levels lower drastically as time went on. I searched around online for something that would help improve my abilities in an interview and managed to find “Never Miss The Mark: Career Search Strategies Provided by HR Pros”. I started reading it right after purchasing and immediately knew that I had found my solution.

Joey V. Price not only understands what it’s like to be an interviewee, but also the outlook and perspective of the recruiter as well. Every aspect I could imagine having concerns about is clearly explained and described in great detail. It made me understand what is important to interviewers and what will make the biggest difference in trying to stand out from the herds of other applicants. Recruiting is definitely a stressful ordeal, but Mr.Price clearly demonstrates what the big bad recruiters are really looking for when it comes down to picking the best candidate.

It wasn’t so much about teaching me how to play on the interviewer’s heartstrings as much as it was about helping me configure what my strengths were and how I could express and use them in a quick and concise fashion within the next interviewing process.

The next interview I went to I used these newly established methods.
I was called and offered the job the next day.”

“A Great Read with EXCELLENT CONTEXT!  [Five stars]

by roachbugg

This is probably the most honest book for job seekers that I have ever read. The book gets right to the point, doesn’t have any fluff- and reminds job seekers that you get what you put into your job hunt.

I’ve been counseling job seekers for about ten years, and I have even learned something about viewing the job hunt as a process, not a task.

In this time of recession- where people everywhere are looking for jobs- this is a MUST have.

The language is simple and the challenge is clear. I finished this read with a clear outline of what I need to do to get a new job.

Great read!”

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