While podcasting at #SHRMTalent 2016 for the Business, Life, and Coffee podcast, I had an opportunity to meet and interview some of the Talent industry’s most innovative and respected thought leaders. Below are six conversations with expert leaders in Employee Culture, Training and Development, Employer Branding, HR Metrics, Post-Incarceration Employment, and Professional Development for Young Professionals.




Dee Ann Turner

It’s My Pleasure: The Impact of Extraordinary Talent and a Compelling Culture | #SHRMTalent @DeeAnnTurner   Max Dubroff  

Post-Incarceration Employment: A Societal, Talent and Legal Imperative for Success | #SHRMTalent @HR_MAXimizer


Elissa O Brien

Is Joining A Professional Membership Association Worth The Money? | #SHRMTalent @SHRMElissa Jim Knight  

If Your Company Culture Doesn’t Rock, Your Best Customers Will Roll | #SHRMTalent @KnightSpeaker #CompanyCulture


Steven Rothberg

Metrics Don’t Lie But Is Your Staff Lying About Your Metrics? | #SHRMTalent @StevenRothberg   Tim Sackett  

How Baseball Analytics are Changing The Way We Assess Talent | #SHRMTalent @TimSackett #Moneyball


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