Seven Reasons why Bad HR is Bad for Business

Seven Reasons why bad Human Resources practices are bad for business:

  1. Hiring someone without the necessary skills.
  2. Firing an employee who has worked less than 90 days.
  3. Legal fees and hours spent fighting a wrongful termination law suit.
  4. Over-paying on insurance premiums rather than negotiating rates and carriers.
  5. Improper or slanderous use of social media by an employee.
  6. Incorrect classification of an employee and the resulting mandatory back-pay.
  7. Unhealthy office habits and the resulting rise of insurance premiums and absenteeism.
Do any of these sound familiar?


Bad HR Practices are bad for business. Sometimes we inadvertently do them and other times we just don’t know any better.

With HR having the difficult challenge of always being Administrative overhead, it’s very important to ensure that policies are put in place that help your organization save as much money as possible. Jumpstart:HR is here to do just that and show you how.

So… Have you considered the cost of bad HR within your own organization? What’s your biggest HR challenge?