Ho, ho, ho!

I’ve had my faithful team of elves and reindeer for over the past two hundred years – and it’s not just because of Mrs. Claus’ secret recipe cookies! I was asked my Jumpstart:HR CEO Joey Price what keeps employee retention at 100% and my team happy.

I had these tips to share:

The two F’s: Fun and a Future. The elves know that they always have a job but we also like to make things fun! Making toys for millions of children can get rather routine but we do our best to laugh and spread cheer by creating a positive working environment. Who wouldn’t want to work someplace that makes them happy?


Growth happens here, and not just with my belly! Did you know that employees these days want professional development and growth opportunities? SHRM and have even covered this from the job seekers’ perspective based upon research from Jumpstart:HR. We have clear job descriptions but we are in a field where the evolution of toys and technology allow for the elves to learn new skills. We’ve also equipped the reindeer with new technology and new routes. Who would’ve thought 20 years ago that we’d be assembling 3D televisions and navigating with GPS and parking assist technology?


Fair pay for a job well done. Contrary to populate believe, we dish out more than just candy canes to keep employees happy here. Our wages are fair and competitive and we do a great job of assessing compensation surveys to make sure we’re comparable to other organizations here on the North Pole. As much as the first two matter, pay is a key driver of motivation and compensation metrics are always on my mind.


Other things on my Retention “Nice” List:


– S. Claus


While Santa can’t be reached for comment, Jumpstart:HR can. Spread some Christmas cheer and boost employee engagement today!