“The first dollar you invest in retirement is going to be the most valuable dollar in your lifetime…” – Richard Rausser of Pentegra Retirement Services

According to a new survey released this month, more than half of people with retirement savings have no plan for how they will stretch their money once they retire, with 1 in 5 people not giving this any thought at all. Joining me as a special guest to cover this very important topic is retirement expert Richard Rausser of Pentegra Retirement Services.


Questions for Richard:

  • This survey shows that many of us are not planning post-retirement. What else did you find with the survey?
  • There is a lot of talk about a “magic retirement number”. What is this and what should this number realistically be?
  • According to your survey, many people have given no thought as to how they will take their money once they retire.  What are your suggestions for making it last through their lifetime?
  • Can you explain why distribution planning is crucial?
  • Do you have any retirement planning advice for specifically for entrepreneurs and individuals considering leaving the workforce to start their own business?


To learn more about the recent survey and Pentegra:

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