Generally, we haven’t shared podcasts from other sources here on the blog but when the Patron Saint of HR launches a podcast, I have to promote it. Jack Welch, along with his wife Suzy, have launched a new podcast entitled “WelchCast – A weekly conversation on growing your career, leading teams, and winning in business.”


Here’s the first episode of the podcast (11 minutes) that focuses on how to make the most of your time at a job and when to start looking for your next big gig. While the conversation is mostly about individual career development, there comes a point in the episode where they park on the topic of HR’s role in most organizations (and what it should be). I agree with the WelchCast convo here because too few companies see their HR  operations as a strategic component  of the business and relegate that department to badge makers and paper pushers. Whether you are a start-up or a thriving multinational corporation, your people-strategy is the life-blood of your efforts. Time and time again, case studies show that the best organizations trust, hire (or consult with) and empower HR professionals who understand the importance of personnel development, human capital optimization, succession planning and more. I could go on and on about this issue but I’d rather let Jack and Suzy say it best. Tweet me at @JVPsaid if you’d like to chat about the importance of strategic HR.

Episode Overview from Sticther: 

Jon Steinberg talks job-hopping, career growth, and learning what it takes to get promoted in your company’s culture with Jack and Suzy Welch. Plus, hear what it’s really like to work at Google and what HR looks like in Silicon Valley.



Featured Image: WelchCast on Stitcher Radio