Jumpstart:HR Debuts HR University: A Free Online Human Resources Training Program for Professionals

Jumpstart:HR CEO on the launch of HR University:
“We decided to create HR University because I am a person who loves to share beneficial resources with interested parties I am a strong proponent for individual professional development.

I understand that in the workplace, results are what matters most – not where you went to school or how much you paid for training – but rather the ability to get the job done and excel in the process. HR University helps individuals be more results-oriented by teaching the basics of many HR and Management topics and combining them with practical application points and quizzes. Our offerings continue to grow so professionals should come back frequently to see what new offerings we provide.”


View the rest of the Press Release here: http://www.prlog.org/11814665-jumpstarthr-debuts-hr-university-free-online-human-resources-training-program-for-professionals.html

Access HR University Here: https://www.jumpstart-hr.com/university

Current topics include:

Human Resources

Diversity in the Workplace: Aspects, Obstacles and Benefits

Keeping Employees Engaged in the Workplace *Hot*

How HR Inactivity and Non-Compliance can Affect Your Corporate Revenue

The Importance of Employee Development

IT Job Interviews

Legal Implications of Social Media Recruitment

Best Practices for Social Media Human Resources Policy

Leadership and Management

Jumpstart:HR Guide for Management: Management Theory and Application

An Overview of Performance Management Systems and Review Process

Professional Development

Networking for Job Search