Owning a business is no joking matter and a lot of hard work. You put a lot of time and money into building up your business and protecting it from others. You may be thinking that you have fully protected your business, however, you probably missed ten very important security issues that most business owners tend to overlook.

Server Room

Did you remember to lock up your server room before leaving the office today? Most business owners don’t give a second thought to their server rooms, although, you really should be paying more attention to it. Your server room holds a lot of important information about you and your business. You may think that you are safe solely because you do not give away any sensitive information, however, that is not enough. Now in days anybody can hack into your servers and steal or alter the information in the servers by simply watching a YouTube video. You, the business owner, should be the only one allowed in or out of that room. It is extremely important to lock up your server room before leaving for the day. If you find it hard to remember to lock up your server room, try setting a reminder on your phone. Schedule it to remind you either multiple times throughout the day or just before you leave for home. This will decrease your chances of someone stealing the important information found in your server room.

Setup Surveillance

You may not think you need to setup surveillance, however, setting up surveillance is actually very crucial. A lot of business owners believe that they could never get robbed until the day that they do. Setting up surveillance in your place of business will allow you to decrease the probability of that happening. In the event that your business does get robbed or defaced, you will have got the crime on video and will be able to take legal action against the criminal. It is also wise for you to invest in a great surveillance system. You cannot be cheap when it comes to something as important as your business. Protect your business by setting up a good surveillance system.

Physical Security

Having physical security is just as important as having surveillance in your business. Just like setting up surveillance, it is very wise to invest in having physical security at your place of business. Start by having intruder alarms setup in your place of business. When someone tries to break into your establishment, the intruder alarms will go off and scare the intruder while at the same time contacting the police and reporting the incident. Setting up physical security will help keep your valued business safe.

Proper disposal of devices, media and sensitive documents

Throwing away items and documents seems like no big deal and something you do not have to worry about, however, people can get a lot of important information from the things you throw away. As hard as it is to believe, there are people who will go digging through a dumpster just to find papers or items with sensitive information on it. Therefore, you need to make sure you thoroughly shred all your papers no matter how insignificant they may seem. Devices and media can also be the source of you losing valuable information about your business. If you do not properly wipe out the information on your devices or media, a hacker can easily get sensitive information from them without your knowledge. Try setting up a process that ensures that you properly disposing all of your devices, media, and sensitive documents.

Background checks

The people that work for you will be the first group of people who will try to harm you and your business. Do not neglect background checks. As a business owner, you need to be certain that you can count on and trust the people who are working for you. Yes having to do a background check on every person you want to hire can be tedious, but in the long run, it will be worth it to know that your business is safe from the inside out. Make sure you can trust the people who you hire.

Taking advantage of built in security functions

Most business owners forget about taking advantage of built in security functions. Now in days, most buildings come with intruder alarms with a trusted company that you can use with just a small fee. INVEST IN YOUR SECURITY. Take full advantage of certain security functions that are built in with your buildings. There is a reason that the whole building is using that trusted company.

Analyzing trends in security log files

You always want to keep your security system updated. Keep an eye on security log file trends. Make sure to analyze the trend that would work best for you and your business. Most business owners think it is fine just to keep the current security log files without ever updating them, however, keeping outdated security log files will only harm you and your business. Most hackers can get through outdated security log files without breaking a sweat. Take the time to analyze and study the trends to find the best security log files for you.

Train your staff

Your staff is directly affected in the event something happens during business hours. It is extremely important to have a well trained staff in case of emergencies. You do not want your staff to freak out and make matters worse if someone were to attempt to rob your business. Your staff needs to be calm and efficient during this time to make sure your guests remain safe along with your business. Take the time to properly train your staff and do not let them on the floor prematurely. They must be well trained before their first day out on the floor. If that means extra days of training, so be it. Your guests, employees, and your business are very important.

Outsourcing of security functions

Outsourcing of security functions is just another way you, the business owner, must invest into the security of your business. Popular believe is that outsourcing security functions will harm your business. On the contrary, it will protect you and your business. Take the time and money to invest in proper outsourcing of security functions.


A lot of business owners completely neglect encrypting their devices and keeping them safe from hackers. Most do not even pay hackers a second thought. However, one hacker can be the hacker that will destroy your business right under your nose. Encrypting your devices with complicated passcodes and passwords, will help your information stay safe from the hands of hackers.

Do not overlook these ten important security issues. You must invest in keeping your business safe from hackers, robbers, and even your own staff.

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