BALTIMORE, MD, October, 2016 – In a recent article by titled “7 Startups Making Life Easier for Small-Business Owners,” featured Jumpstart:HR as the top provider of Managed Human Resource solutions for small businesses. Jumpstart:HR takes care of Human Resource tasks for startups and small businesses, allowing them to focus on the core of their business and not have to worry about the demanding tasks of HR.

Human Resources is a fundamental part of any business, large or small, but not all small businesses or startups have the funds to hire a Human Resource Manager full time. This forces business owners to do payroll and other HR tasks themselves, which can lead to inaccuracies, or worse – legal trouble. In a 2009 survey conducted by Actionable Research, nearly 75 percent of CPAs who serve small businesses felt that their clients do not have the necessary expertise to handle the demands of payroll processing.

“Outsourcing the HR component of your business is the best way to provide stability, knowledge, and growth to your organization.” says Joey Price, CEO of Jumpstart:HR. “For over half a decade, Jumpstart:HR, LLC has been a part of the secret sauce for what makes innovative small businesses successful. Our diverse clientele — from non-profit religious institutions to Federal Contractors providing Top-Secret support to the Government (and everything in between) — speaks to our ability to focus on the heart of small business HR issues while allowing our customers revenue, time, and freedom to focus on the heart of their business. As we say, ‘Let’s build a better business, together.’”

About Jumpstart:HR

Jumpstart:HR is a Managed HR Services company that specializes in providing up-to-date Human Resources knowledge and implementation strategies for small to medium-sized businesses in the U.S. Jumpstart:HR provides virtual as well as on-site services to solve even the toughest HR challenges, giving businesses the time and freedom to do what they do best. Jumpstart:HR was created in 2011 in the Washington, DC, area and has grown to serve a national client base. For more information, visit:

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