Santa Claus, SPHR... Senior Professional in Humans & Reindeer"

If Santa Had HR:

  • The elves would have a union but there’d never be a lockout! (You hear that, NBA?)
  • Employees may not ask for telecommuting but they WILL ask for fresh coffee, tea and hot cocoa from the Keurig.
  • Employee of the Quarter would really be Employee of the Year since the real work happens in November and December.
  • Santa would need to survey his social media recruiting efforts to make sure he’s not discriminating against elves of any ethnic or gender background.
  • Santa and his HR team will make sure that his employee files are complete and compliant. No elf’s paperwork will be left behind!
  • “Holiday Cheer” will be a section on the elves Performance Review and Santa will make sure that the elves take steps to improve in the new year!
  • “Wanted: ambidextrous multi-taskers to work in toy factory/candy shop/reindeer stable. Must be experienced with puppet making, chocolate show pieces, and animal husbandry. Ability to work graveyard shifts and withstand subzero temperatures required. Benefits include full medical and dental, a five-week paid trip to Bali, and unlimited access to hot chocolate during shifts.” – @noelrozny


Got any more thoughts on what HR in the North Pole would look like? It’s always time to be in the Christmas spirit!