"Ho, Ho, Hold on a minute... Your Elf stockings have violated dress code."

I wanted to know my readers thoughts on this and include them in an upcoming post…


“If Santa had HR, what would that look like?”

  • How would he recruit?
  • What sorts of benefits would he offer? (I’m sure there’s a SWEET vacation package)
  • Would the elves have a Union? Would they ever go on strike?
  • Would Mrs. Claus be head of Employee Relations or would that be considered nepotism?
  • What would Santa’s HR Department’s Twitter Handle be? (Yes, let’s go THERE!)

Just a few thoughts to get the conversation started… I’d be very curious and will follow up with a post called “If Santa Had HR (Pt. 2)”!

If you’re on Twitter and want to be included in the post, be sure to @ me at @jumpstarthr!


Merry Christmas!