If you’re looking for some advice on how to successfully grow in your career or business, the best place to look is at the top. Take advantage of these great pieces of advice from successful people to make your business better:

Steve Jobs: Love Is All You Need

Steve Jobs only hired people who he believed would love Apple. He thought that by hiring people who wouldn’t put themselves or their own personal needs first, the company would benefit. He felt that new employees should learn to love the company—when they loved Apple and put it first, the company would climb. He was right.

Bill Gates: Frugal Is as Frugal Does

Bill Gates has never been a flashy CEO, and this piece of advice backs up that point. He claims that he never desired to go out and purchase material things with his profits. Instead, long after it was in the startup stage, profits were put back into the company in order to give a higher dividend to shareholders later. In addition to this, Mr. Gates continued to fly business class until the late 1990s. He only purchased a private jet because security was becoming an issue.

Donald Trump: Embrace Humility as a Weapon

Donald Trump is a successful man, but he admits that when he knew what he couldn’t do, he would work to overcome the inadequacy. Knowing where you fall short is learning something in order to get better. When you have learned the one thing that was making you fall short, then you have been successful.