Our friends at Aheaders.com are running a promotion for free resume feedback for young professionals this weekend. Read below for more information. Also, don’t forget that Jumpstart:HR has some great tools for job seekers too (free and paid resources provided by HR professionals!).


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Attention, all Young Professionals, College Students, and Recent Graduates:

Aheaders is holding a “Resume Feedback Weekend” on February 18-19, 2012 their our loyal readers.
How do I qualify?
Simply like us on Facebook and join our newsletter*. Then, send your resume to resumes@aheaders.comby Friday, February 17th, 8PM EST. We will provide a one-time, free assessment service and give you personalized insight into improving your resume.

All resumes will be reviewed and sent back by Monday, February 20th.

What kind of critiquing will you provide?
We’ve seen hundreds of resumes at Aheaders, and we have an eye for what works and what doesn’t. We’ll be providing comments and suggestions on formatting, editing, language, and style. We’ll tell you if you’re projecting the right image, if you’re highlighting your biggest strengths, and if your resume would appeal to employers. We will also provide our thoughts on how to strengthen the overall package.We’ll be live on Twitter all weekend, sending out tweets about resumes: things that work, common mistakes, etc. We will not reveal any personal information, just thoughts on the resumes themselves.
Will my information be kept private?**
Absolutely. Your email, Facebook information, and all other personal information will always be kept private here at Aheaders.com. We do not use your information, nor do we share it with any other businesses.
What qualifies Aheaders to critique my resume?
We are not professional resume consultants that you can pay a fee to for advice. We are not Human Resources consultants. We are, however, young professionals ourselves. Between the editing staff, there is experience in almost a dozen companies, from tiny accounting and legal firms to Fortune 50 companies, from the Financial Sector to Manufacturing, in multiple states across the country. And how were all those jobs landed? With great resumes to get us in the door, and practiced interviewing skills to help us beat the competition.
When’s the deadline?
8PM EST on Friday, February 17th. Resumes will only be reviewed if the reader has qualified by liking us on Facebook and joining our newsletter.
Spread the word to your friends and co-workers about this free service that will happen for one weekend only! The more resumes we get, the more valuable our tweets and comments will be, so please share.
Thank you!
Aheaders StaffQuestions?  Send us your questions: resumes@aheaders.com.* Any resumes sent from email addresses that have not subscribed for the Aheaders Newsletter will automatically be added to the Newsletter distribution list before personalized feedback is provided.

** We always advise that young professionals use Best Practices regarding online security and privacy by hiding or changing their personal information (such as Name, Phone Number and Address) when sending information to any unknown party or website. While we will never misuse your information, please feel free to change any personal information on your resume that you do not wish to share.