While SHRM16 has come and gone and SHRM17 is on the horizon (Hello NOLA!), the bridge between the two conferences is the wide selection of HR vendors who make your work life much easier. As an official blogger and podcast host, I had an opportunity to walk the expo floor and speak with many of the vendors who had demos, giveaways, and even fun movie-themed costumes. Beyond the swag and the opportunity to get more steps in on my FitBit, I wanted to connect with vendors who’s offerings add immense value to the employee experience at work.
Employee experience is an important, yet often overlooked, criteria in evaluating the success of an organization. If a company has frustrated employees, then it will undoubtedly have frustrated customers. So with that being said, I went on my three-day search to speak with as many vendors as possible. My selection criteria was not scientific or rooted in metrics, but rather this question: “If a company engaged this vendor, would their be a significant ROI with regard to employee retention, employee engagement, and ease of the owners/HR professional’s work day?” After you take a look at the videos and interviews below, I think you, too will say “YES!”
In addition to the employee experience being an undervalued metric for success, we are in a new era of employee benefit offerings. Gone are the days of simply offering vacation and 401k as a competitive benefit package. These days, your workers are evaluating their companies and prospective employers based on benefits that enhance quality of life and efficiency at work. From mobile apps to request time off to discounted entertainment tickets that put more money in their pockets, the vendors below off something for everyone at your organization.

Deputy.com – Employee Communication and Schedule Management

Deputy’s platform helps managers keep track of employee shift schedules and makes on-the-go shift changes a breeze. Companies in the retail, restaurant, and manufacturing space might benefit from this platform.
Check out this video feature Deputy’s founder:

Halogen Software – Cloud Talent Management Solutions

Halogen Software provides many of the building blocks necessary in running your Talent Management strategy.
Those building blocks include:
  • Performance Management
  • Learning & Development
  • Succession & Leadership
  • Compensation
  • Recruiting & Onboarding

Listen to my interview with Halogen’s Product Marketing Manager, Evelyn Watts:

SoFi – Personal Finance and Student Loan Services

SoFi allows companies to become partners in their employee’s personal finances by refinancing student loans. If you’re interested in retaining millennials and any one shouldering the huge burden of student loan debt, you might want to think about giving them a call.

Listen to my interview with SoFi’s Head of Business Development, Catesby Perrin:

Sterling Talent Solutions – Background Screening and Employee On-Boarding Solutions

Before an employee joins your organization, it’s important for them to be vetting through rigorous background checks. In addition, you want to be sure that their onboarding process is seamless and consistent from employee to employee. While at SHRM16, I had an opportunity to demo Sterling’s onboarding platform and I was impressed. Consider their solution if you have many employees who work remotely and you need to process their background checks, complete drug screening, and gather I-9 information.
Here’s an infographic you might find interesting:

Tickets At Work – Employee Recognition and Exclusive Cost-Savings


What better way to promote work-life balance than by offering your employees discounts on travel and attractions. Use this platform as a way to reward employees for a job well done and to help employees keep more money in their pocket when planning their next big family vacation.