So often job seekers or employees will be told to dress smart for an interview or for work but with many businesses taking a different approach to office dress codes how smart is smart?

Dress codes at work are an important aspect to building a uniformed and professional image but this has become a bit of a minefield. Deciding what is right to wear for work is increasingly complicated for professionals as business cultures and workplaces differ and continuously evolve.

Are you wearing an appropriate outfit? Are you underdressed or overdressed? Are you dressed too casual for an office occasion? Do you wear the same outfit in a creative startup as you would in a corporate office?

These are a few of the questions many employees face on a daily basis as the ambiguous topic of workplace attire becomes an even greyer area.

Such a fine line has been drawn between what defines Business Casual from Business Professional. Of course guidelines and employee handbooks will differ from one company to another. Aspects like specific position, location, and job field also factor into this. Regardless, across the board and in terms of interviews there are certain rules to follow to be sure to present yourself as smart and prepared.

Whether you’re a recent graduate who has finally gained full-time employment or the college junior applying for internships. When you finally get that call for employment, an interview, office tour, or any new opportunity, you don’t want to be worrying about what to wear.

Or you may be a longtime part of the workforce and you have just secured a path to a dream position, promotion, or even career transitioning, worry less about what to wear since it may feel like ages since your last interview or first day on a job.

Ask no more what should I wear to work? Thankfully British business-wear experts T.M.Lewin have created this guide with all the answers to have you dressing smart, sharp, and stylish.

Whether you are entering a business formal, business professional, business casual, small business or creative environment here are the essential tips you need to dress confident at your workplace.



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