Injuries that happen while working are fairly common. Even if your office seems fairly safe, accidents do happen from time to time. Staying aware of your surroundings and taking care of hazards promptly and effectively will save employees from injury and prevent worker’s compensation claims from being made. Each member of an office team should know basic prevention techniques, especially if they are performing duties where injuries are common.


Cracked sidewalks, loose rugs or carpeting, and standing water are all hazards that can lead to a fall. Even the arrangement of office furniture can impact whether or not falls occur. A clear path with even surfaces can help prevent this type of injury. If it is a rainy or snowy day, be sure that entrances are clear and provide traction so that surfaces aren’t slippery.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Many jobs require working for long periods of time at a computer. Injuries can be sustained if breaks aren’t taken and ergonomic equipment is not utilized. Carpal tunnel is one well-known result of repetitive motion. Some injuries may be preventable and some may not due to genetics, but it is always best to be cautious by encouraging breaks and equipping your employees with ergonomic equipment.

Car Accidents

Unfortunately, many jobs cannot be done in an office. Some employees must travel to do their job. Motor vehicle accidents can occur anytime and anywhere. Specific training and expectations should be enforced before employees should be given driving positions. The money spent on educating drivers is well spent—fewer accidents means lower insurance rates and less insurance spent on company vehicles.

Back Injuries

Injuries sustained while lifting or moving heavy objects are common in the workplace. This can happen while performing daily duties like lifting a box of copy paper or moving something that should really be done by two people. Correct lifting/moving techniques should be posted and made known during training to prevent back injuries. Contact a back accident attorney in Macon for more information about the risks and causes of this injury.

Machine and Equipment Accidents

Proper safety precautions need to be enforced anywhere that machines or equipment is being used. Head and eye protection, as well as any other safety clothing, needs to be made available and used correctly. All employees should know the procedures and what to do if a situation becomes unsafe. Equipment should be tested and regulated to ensure that it runs properly and that no hazards exist.

Employers looking to maintain a safe workplace will take precautions to train and educate their employees. Staying aware of issues that could become hazardous and taking care of them immediately can prevent injury and worker’s compensation headaches. A healthy, happy workplace will be more productive and lucrative.

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