Outdoor meeting venues can severely affect your company’s productivity. How? To begin with, employees spend five days a week working in an office. They have to do things by the book, adhere to deadlines and listen to their manager. Doing this for several months in a row is exhausting. Employees start feeling stressed and their morale will decrease. Some will feel too anxious and stressed, and they won’t be able to do their jobs right. Others will probably start making mistakes; mistakes that in the end can get them fired. Firing people is never a good thing because it affect your business’s production line and workflow. What can be done to motivate employees and make them stay with you in the long-term? The answer is easy – take meetings outside.


Outdoor meetings are fun, productive and inspiring

Outdoor meetings can have a significant impact, and people feel a lot more relaxed when they don’t have to wear a mask. In nature, people feel free; they feel that they can do whatever they want without being judged. To some extent, the purpose of an outdoor business meeting is to help relieve stress. Both managers and workers don’t have to put barriers anymore, and it’s actually a pretty good idea to allow the staff to get to know you outside the office.

It’s up to you to create an atmosphere. Invite employees to share ideas, and welcome their feedback. Ask them questions you never had the time to ask in the office, and listen to them with great interest. This will show that you care for their wellbeing too, and that you’re not just interested to make money. The more you interact with them on a personal level, the higher the chances you have to keep them motivated.

Plan fun meetings and business events

Make things fun and transform a business meeting into a casual gathering with a purpose. Don’t forget to tell your employees to dress casually if your event is somewhere in a park or outdoor garden. Just for one day allow them to wear sneakers at work. Even though it is important to have a professional attitude at the office – where office attire is mandatory and everyone should treat you with the utmost respect – such laid-back meetings shouldn’t be treated like an ordinary day. Be friendly and put yourself in their shoes for once and you’ll manage to relate to them a lot better.


Outdoor meeting venues boost creativity

Unlike offices where everything happens in a rush and people are in a hurry to get the job done, outdoor meeting venues are a lot more relaxed. There are no computers nearby, no printers to give you a headache and no colleagues to compel you to get the job done faster. Natural surroundings boost one’s creativity because they’re relaxing. Just feeling the warmth of the sun, the breeze of the wind and the smell of the flowers makes you feel more productive. New ideas will start flowing and before you know it you’ll come up with business concepts you couldn’t have thought of in the office. Fresh air helps the body relax and the brain function at a speedier pace.

Go bold – impress your employees with an exclusive meeting venue

It’s nice to do things differently now and then. Most companies have monthly or quarterly meetings with the staff. They discuss future plans, ideas, brainstorm new concept and search for ways to increase profitability. But in case you didn’t know, motivation begins with the actual work place. Rather than have your quarterly meeting in the conference room of your company’s building, why not rent a private party mansion? Decorate it in style and make sure it has a terrace too. It is the perfect opportunity to motivate employees and help them understand that working for you matters. A private party with cocktails and fancy food is a great opportunity for employees to socialize. Everyone needs a change of scenery, especially in a tough working domain such as business.


Motivating employees is more challenging than meets the eye, and sometimes a pay raise can’t compensate for their lack of sleep or increased stress. Cocktail parties where they can relax have a drink and share new ideas can help boost productivity. Some employees might even have the courage to share something they’ve never had the huts to share in the office; and that something can be a million-dollar idea for business success.

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