Benefits of an International Virtual Internship Program

Virtual internships are rising in popularity, along with improvements in online collaboration technology and the increasing use of social media platforms. Smaller companies and start-ups in particular are recognizing the benefits that come from a global virtual...

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Two Items That Demand Attention in Your HR Spring Cleaning

httpv:// According to the Department of Homeland Security, Non-compliance can bring about fines anywhere from $100 to $1,100 per infringement, and forfeiture of the company’s assets. Employee File and I-9/eVerify compliance can be a tricky...

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The Top 3 Reasons Why Introverts Might Be the Best Leaders

  "For an introvert his environment is himself and can never be subject to startling or unforeseen change." -Quentin Crisp Have you ever wondered who makes the best kind of leader? An introvert or an extrovert? If so, I'm sure the answer has almost always leaned...

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Seven Reasons why Bad HR is Bad for Business

  Seven Reasons why bad Human Resources practices are bad for business: Hiring someone without the necessary skills. Firing an employee who has worked less than 90 days. Legal fees and hours spent fighting a wrongful termination law suit. Over-paying on insurance...

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Networking: How to “Talk that T.A.L.K.”

I'll be giving this presentation tonight for the @HopeScholarship Speed Networking event at Touchdown on U St. in Washington, DC. Follow @HopeScholarship for more details! Do you have any other networking tips to share?

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Three of the Biggest Myths About Branding Yourself Online

  While researching and reading current articles and blogs on career and professional development, I'm noticing an interesting trend. Most of the articles that I read are all about personal branding online. Now, please don't read this and think that I'm not a fan...

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