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HR Humor: IKEA Job Interview

    We hope you enjoyed the laugh! Happy Friday! Have you visited our Career Development page? Check out our services:  

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I-9 Audits Have Increased, Is Your Business Protected?

Did you know that I-9 audits have increased for US employers? In addition to being random, many audits are prompted by former disgruntled employees complaining to ICE about their former employer. Jumpstart:HR's audit services ensure's that your company is legally...

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10 Career Resurrecting Moves You Can Make TODAY!

Whether you're looking to breathe life into a dead-end career or just starting out, these 10 career improvement tips can help you set a new course for your career: Evaluate how you got to where your are - Look back at your schooling, speak with supervisors and friends...

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What to Do if Your Job Offer Is Put on Hold

I was recently asked by "what should a person do if a job offer is put on hold?" Here is what I shared: If a job offer is put on hold, I suggest the following: Follow up with a note of thanks that emphasizes the value that you add to the...

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