HR Humor: IKEA Job Interview

    We hope you enjoyed the laugh! Happy Friday! Have you visited our Career Development page? Check out our services:  

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I-9 Audits Have Increased, Is Your Business Protected?

Did you know that I-9 audits have increased for US employers? In addition to being random, many audits are prompted by former disgruntled employees complaining to ICE about their former employer. Jumpstart:HR's audit services ensure's that your company is legally...

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10 Career Resurrecting Moves You Can Make TODAY!

Whether you're looking to breathe life into a dead-end career or just starting out, these 10 career improvement tips can help you set a new course for your career: Evaluate how you got to where your are - Look back at your schooling, speak with supervisors and friends...

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Meet: The Resumator 3000 [HRTech, Start-Up and STEM Spotlight]

We're starting a new section on the blog that brings focus to HRTech, Start-Ups and STEM. If you have a product, start-up or technology relating to the fields of HR and/or STEM that you would like us to cover, email me at and I'd be happy to...

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What to Do if Your Job Offer Is Put on Hold

I was recently asked by "what should a person do if a job offer is put on hold?" Here is what I shared: If a job offer is put on hold, I suggest the following: Follow up with a note of thanks that emphasizes the value that you add to the...

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How to Pay an Employee Who Works During Daylight Savings Time

  Once of the most confusing payroll and time keeping concerns revolve around Daylight Savings Time and how to pay employees when they either lose or gain an hour during their shift. In 2013, Daylight Savings Time begins (springs forward) on Sunday, March 10,...

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