3 Leadership Skills That Will Improve Company Culture

For many people, leadership is a trait that comes naturally. For others, developing these skills takes time, practice, and experience. Regardless of where you’re at in your company, it’s important to capitalize on opportunities to improve your skills and advance the...

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Cash May Not Be King in The Work Field

For decades, cash has been the go to award for employers wanting to give their hard working employees a well-deserved gift. However, in recent years the tides have been changing and employers are starting to become more intuitive about the kinds of gifts they are...

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How to Properly Implement Work-Life Programs

Most employees want a better work-life balance, especially Millennials, who are now the largest generation represented in the workforce. Why should your company implement programs aimed at creating a work-life balance? According to a study by the Society for Human...

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The High Cost of Major Depression in The Workplace

By Jordan Asher, chief clinical officer at MissionPoint Health Partners Chances are you can readily name someone you know who suffers from major depression—perhaps even someone you’ve worked with. It turns out the number of American adults battling the condition...

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6 steps to recruiting top talent into your organisation

1. Think about your value proposition Everyone is chasing top talent. In a competitive market you have to know why a great candidate should join you. It’s often about much more than money. For less experienced employees it could be the opportunity they have to learn,...

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Games in Corporate Training: How effective are they?

Like any new business technique, games in corporate training have raised some controversy. The idea of marrying the roles of training with recreational aspects of games can be considered a risky move for companies. Let's take a look at what the implementation of...

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Top 10 HR Workflow and Document Management Trends

Although most companies, and human resource departments, have made the shift from paper to digital documentation, many have not yet maximized processes by upgrading to the newest available tools.1 Upgrading increases the speed and accuracy of your business, reduces...

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Three Questions For A More Unconventional Interview

The traditional interview has been an integral part of employee recruitment for decades. It also seems like traditional interview questions have not changed in that length of time. Tell me about yourself, why do you want to work here, tell me about a time when [], are...

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5 Things to Know about Worker’s Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance helps employees get back on their feet after a workplace injury or illness. The insurance pays for lost wages and medical expenses, and it might also provide other benefits. You need to know the following five things about workers’...

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