Changing Your Work Environment To Increase Productivity

The business office location and the way it is arranged is a very important factor in work productivity, much more important than most people would admit. A simple example of this is if someone is expected to work in a tiny, cramped workspace with no desk and no...

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5 Strategies to Retain Millennial Employees

Millennials—those who were born around the 1980s to early 2000s—have always been quite a mystery among employers. This generation is ambitious yet fickle. They're passionate about what they do, yet they have no qualms transferring to a different job in a snap should...

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Tips for Effectively Expanding Your Workforce

No matter the size, adding on another employee to your company or department takes work. From finishing the new employment paperwork, all the way down to finding a new workspace for your employee, it can get very exhausting. You want your new hire to make an instant...

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7 tips for becoming a top performing employee

Becoming an executive is one thing, but being award-winning is another story. The corporate ladder is high and it takes more than academic qualifications to get to the top, with competition emerging here and there. If you are aspiring to become an award-winning...

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3 Ways To Build An All-Star Team, Not a Team of All-Stars

If you are building your marketing or your operations team and needed to hire some contributors, how would you go about it? Would you look to hire only the ones with the best degrees and greatest skill sets? Or would you look for the way they potential candidates work...

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Landing Your First Job in The HR

At the core of every business are human resources, champions of the 9-5er and a rapidly expanding industry that not only keeps pace with new workplace practice, but also technology. For those of us already working in the industry, this fast pace is exciting. For...

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Common Work Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Injuries that happen while working are fairly common. Even if your office seems fairly safe, accidents do happen from time to time. Staying aware of your surroundings and taking care of hazards promptly and effectively will save employees from injury and prevent...

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