A Guide To Understanding I-9 and E-Verify

Federal law calls for a Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) to be filled out before any new member of staff can start work. This form confirms that the employee has approval to work in the United States. Correct completion of I-9 forms is one of the best...

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What HR can learn from Steve Jobs

Game changer. Visionary. Legend. When describing any other man, these words would stand tall. However, these words don't do justice to the man who birthed such revolutionary products such as the Macintosh computer, iPod and the iPhone. Steven Paul Jobs (February 24,...

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Company culture analysis

Corporate culture is an organizational mindset that is present in every facet of business operation. It is characterized by the level of communication between management and staff. The staff will typically go all-out to meet or go beyond the standard once they are...

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When to hire an HR consultant, and when not to

When to hire a consultant: "Why a business needs an outside consultant is pretty basic, says Mike Meikle, CEO of the Hawthorne Group, a managment and technology consulting firm. 'A consultant can be thought of as a tool that can implement a solution or solutions that...

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Recruiting Basics for Small Businesses and Startups

The success of every startup and small business is determined by the opening set of employees. If these employees have flaws and fail to work hard, it has a direct impact on the company growth. Since a startup cannot afford to hire and fire and rehire employees, it is...

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4 Tips For Helping Your Business Succeed Online

  It isn't any secret why e-commerce has become such big business. What sounds easier to you - shopping at home on the internet while wearing your jammies, or getting showered and dressed, fighting traffic and standing in line to shop? Online business is thriving...

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How to Ensure Your Remote Team Members Are Engaged

Data shows that remote employees tend to be happier than on-site employees, but they might not feel as connected to their colleagues. That’s understandable: Remote team members don’t have water coolers or break rooms where they can bump into each other. As such,...

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4 Tips on Improving Your Customer Support

  Communication and information are two most important concepts of the contemporary business world. If you combine polite and fast communication with a smooth flow of updated information, you get first-class customer support. With many new businesses on the...

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