Recruiting Basics for Small Businesses and Startups

The success of every startup and small business is determined by the opening set of employees. If these employees have flaws and fail to work hard, it has a direct impact on the company growth. Since a startup cannot afford to hire and fire and rehire employees, it is...

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4 Tips For Helping Your Business Succeed Online

  It isn't any secret why e-commerce has become such big business. What sounds easier to you - shopping at home on the internet while wearing your jammies, or getting showered and dressed, fighting traffic and standing in line to shop? Online business is thriving...

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How to Ensure Your Remote Team Members Are Engaged

Data shows that remote employees tend to be happier than on-site employees, but they might not feel as connected to their colleagues. That’s understandable: Remote team members don’t have water coolers or break rooms where they can bump into each other. As such,...

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4 Tips on Improving Your Customer Support

  Communication and information are two most important concepts of the contemporary business world. If you combine polite and fast communication with a smooth flow of updated information, you get first-class customer support. With many new businesses on the...

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The Four Personality Types That Dominate The C-Suite [Podcast]

  Deloitte Greenhouse has created a system called Business Chemistry, a data-driven approach to recognizing and responding to differences in people’s business styles (Recently featured in the Harvard Business Review). Every Business Chemistry type is represented...

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Simple Steps to Subside Stress

Simple Steps to Subside Stress Stress is something we have all heard of and may have also experienced at home or at work. We assume that stress is a bad thing but it can also be an important factor in driving us forward. What is stress? Without stress, humankind would...

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Handy Marketing Checklist to Get Your First Sale Within 30 Days

Setting up your eCommerce store is no easy task. There are so many items to scratch off your checklist if you want to be successful when it’s time to launch your online store.   Then there is the launch itself. Many business owners are so focused on the pre-launch...

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9 Reasons Customer Support Still Needs the Human Touch

Automation has been around for decades, but new advancements have made it more accessible to small business owners in recent years. Now, business owners can use automated technology to replace many of the repetitive tasks that once ate up their precious time and...

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Skills Every Manager Must Possess

  Every job comes with its own set of requirements and demands which keeps changing as you climb the corporate ladder. Unfortunately, mere knowledge and a thorough understanding of the nature of your work are not enough for a managerial role. You need to be more...

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