When to hire and not to hire a consultant:

When to hire a consultant:

“Why a business needs an outside consultant is pretty basic, says Mike Meikle, CEO of the Hawthorne Group, a managment and technology consulting firm.

‘A consultant can be thought of as a tool that can implement a solution or solutions that are outside the real expertise for an in-house staff,” Meikle explains. “They can leave the client in a better place and more profitable condition.'”

Source: Consultants Thriving as Businesses Struggle to Survive | CNBC.com (September 30, 2011)

When not to hire a consultant:

While there are plenty of obvious reasons to hire an outside consultant, there are also obvious reasons not to, says Marv Doniger, of Doniger and Associates consulting firm.

“Firms that are not willing to accept an outsider’s point of view and make changes should not hire a consultant,” says Doniger. “And staffing a company’s long-term needs should be done by hiring additional help and not through the perpetual use of a consultant.”

Source: Consultants Thriving as Businesses Struggle to Survive | CNBC.com (September 30, 2011)

Press Release: Jumpstart:HR Opens For Business

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Jumpstart:HR Announces New Human Resources Consulting and Education Company

Jumpstart:HR | Human Resources consulting, compliance, recruitment, auditing, social media & training strategies for American small to medium sized business.


Mission Statement:

To become one of the most trusted HR Consulting and Education firms in the US by providing up-to-date and creative Human Resources subject matter expertise and implementation strategies, high quality personable customer service, and career development tools that inspire growth while inspiring immediate impact seen in as little as one month’s worth of consulting with 98% customer satisfaction.”

Vision Statement: 

We help small to medium sized businesses achieve greater returns from their in-house Human Resources department by providing fresh, organization-specific and immediately impactful Human Resources consulting and career development strategies: with 98% client satisfaction seen in as little as one month’s worth of consulting.

Recognized by brands that you trust. With proven expertise featured in TheLadders.com, Workforce Management Magazine, and more, the leadership of Jumpstart:HR combines post-graduate training in Human Resources Management and Development, years of HR experience and professional Human Resources accreditation to give your organization an immediate and lasting boost.

Our approach to your success. Jumpstart:HR has a voracious appetite for deadline-driven results and customer service to revive and engage your HR practice to its full potential.

Fresh organization, fresh approach. Jumpstart:HR was created in 2011 with locations in the New York City, NY and Washington, DC metro areas. When trusting Jumpstart:HR to handle the needs of your HR department, you can rest assured that we utilize only the most up to date skill sets and knowledge base combined with a fresh and creative approach to solve your pressing and future-minded concerns. Our motto is: by the book, out of the box.

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Jumpstart:HR is headquartered in Laurel, MD, and services clients in all 50 states.