What Every HR Professional Needs To Know About AI At Work?

What Every HR Professional Needs To Know About AI At Work explains AI’s risks, challenges, and potential to your HR team. Led by TEDx Speaker Joey Price.


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What Every HR Professional Needs To Know About AI At Work?

Looking to navigate the world of AI and its impact on HR? Look no further! This virtual training, conducted over Zoom, is the first place to look if you need to explain AI’s potential risks, challenges, and opportunities to your internal HR team. Here’s why:

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Features and Benefits

Uncover the new secrets that will accelerate your talent acquisition and employee engagement strategies. Learn to harness data for better decision-making. Master AI tools that automate tasks and save time. Stay ahead with cutting-edge AI trends and adapt with confidence. Elevate your HR game and thrive in the future of work. Enroll now for an exciting AI journey!

Expert Trainer

Led by renowned speaker Joey Price, a TEDx speaker and global expert on the relationship between talent and technology at work, this training ensures you learn from the best in the field. Benefit from Joey’s extensive knowledge and insights.

Relevant Topics

Designed specifically for HR teams managing hiring, recruitment, HR administration, payroll, and employee customer support, this training covers essential topics related to AI in the workplace. Gain a deep understanding of AI’s impact on HR functions.

Interactive and Engaging

Our one-hour facilitated training is not just informative but also engaging. Through interactive discussions and real-life examples, you and your team will actively participate, making the learning experience dynamic and enjoyable.

Include Credit-Eligible

We understand the importance of professional development. This training program is eligible for HRCI and SHRM credit, allowing you to enhance your HR credentials while gaining valuable knowledge about AI.

Timely and Relevant:

In today’s rapidly evolving workplace, understanding AI is crucial. Stay ahead of the curve by equipping your HR team with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate AI’s risks, challenges, and opportunities effectively.

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Jumpstart:HR is my go-to HR source for scaling my startup and making really good hiring decisions. Working with employees and contractors can be difficult at times and Jumpstart is just a phone call away when I need them. They’ve helped me feel confident about the potential of my business and are a quick resource for all things HR! I highly recommend working with them!

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Over the years, JumpStart HR has become a trusted partner and a reliable resource in providing quality HR services and consultation.  You can count on Joey and his team of professionals, to guide you through any HR process or challenge with the utmost care. JumpStart HR was instrumental in helping our organization with best HR practices, performance evaluations and recruitment.  If you are looking for a HR consulting firm that is customer focused, cutting edge and solution oriented, then your search is over.  JumpStart HR has you covered!

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As a small business, Jumpstart has allowed us to provide high quality HR resources that are in compliance with the latest regulations and developments in industry, at a level and rate that we can sustain. The modularity – pay as you go – allows us to provide a level of service on par with companies of any size. They give us the confidence in knowing that operations are managed appropriately, so we can focus on growing our business. They are are trusted and reliable partner.

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