RT @wgts919: Thank those in your life that make it better and happier


Today on the blog I just wanted to share a simple note of thanks to everyone who has been a part of the Jumpstart:HR community!

So a special note of thanks is in order to:

… Every Intern that pours into our business and allows me to help shape their professional development and career outlook

… Every employee and contractor who has helped build the foundation for our company

… Every client that has trusted our company with their HR and Social Media needs

… Every person who has gone out and purchased my new book Never Miss the Mark on either iTunes, Kindle, Nook or Sony Reader

… Every reporter who has chosen my insight for an article for their audience (See a list in the Newsroom)

… Every single person who has visited the site and even posted their thoughts or opinions on the blog

… Every single person who has recommended the site or shared an article or two (or three!)

… Every blogger in my blogroll community

… Every friend and follower on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

… Every person who has given a word of encouragement or thanks along the way

… Anyone who happens to come across this post 🙂

… Family, friends and mentors who have kept inspiring me to keep going and believing in my dream and goal of helping others really fine-tune their HR and Social Media practices


In business, as in life in general, no man can succeed alone.  To be passionate in a vacuum void of supporters and believers is just as costly as not being passionate at all. So today’s blog is just focused on YOU and all of the ways that you have helped support the vision and mission of Jumpstart:HR!


– Joey